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Tripledge Warranty Claim

Tripledge Warranty Claim

Thank you for accessing the Tripledge Wiper Website. We offer two options to facilitate your warranty claim.
By selecting either option, Tripledge will have fulfilled its replacement warranty obligation and thus the wipers you receive will be a final shipment.

Option 1:
Return your current set of blades to Tripledge for warranty claim evaluation.
Once your blades are received and evaluated we will contact you regarding your claim within 5-7 business days.
Once approved, Tripledge will replace your returned blades with a new set of Tripledge blades at no additional cost.

Please return your wiperblades to the following address:

Tripledge Wipers
1401 North Bowie Drive
Weatherford, Texas 76086

(Please include your contact information)

Option 2:
As a one time offer to offset the rising cost of shipping and handling, for a price of $10.99 Tripledge will send you a new set of wiper blades with no need to return your old blades.
Click the link below if this option is your preference to submit a claim.