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The New and Improved Tripledge® is a high-performance silicone wiper blade with multiple wiping edges for superior wipe quality. Tripledge® has a special hydrophobic property that allows water to bead up on your windshield, to prevent smears and improve vision clarity. The Tripledge® patented silicone also lasts longer than any other blade! Select your Tripledge® wipers above for superior vision!

Tripledge® silicone windshield wipers are designed to last for the lifetime of your car or truck, while ones made with organic rubber require replacement after only 6 to 12 months. Tripledge® silicone wiper blades maintain their clean edge for the lifetime of the car, applying a thin lair of silicone with each wipe of the blade to your windshield. This coating promotes continuous water beading that insures swift removal of rain water, snow, and grime without smearing. Silicone wiper blades also act as a resistant to heat, sun rays, and other climate damages. And whats more, this revolutionary silicone treatment of Tripledge® Premium Silicone blades is available at lower prices than the industry standard rubber blades!

Wiper blades are an important part of any vehicle. Using old or broken windshield wipers can cause headaches and frustrations. It also threatens you and any passenger's safety when driving in hazardous weather. Tripledge® blades have been extensively tested and proven time and time again by millions of consumers to be industry leading wipers in regards to safety and ease of installation and use.

Once you experience the quality, effectiveness, and ease of installation, Tripledge® Wipers will become your brand of choice. Tripledge® blades come with a universal adapter that fits 95% of the vehicles on the road today, making installation simple and easy. With over 30 million sold, Tripledge® is the industry leader in silicone windshield wiper blades. Put Tripledge® on your car today!

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