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Wiper Store Launches New Site – October 25, 2011

The Wiper Store launches new online sales website to boost driving safety awareness.

Using advanced silicone technology, windshield wiper blades available through offers drivers better-than-original visibility protection.

FORT WORTH, TX, October 25, 2011 – It’s one of the oldest conundrums in the automotive world: when a windshield wiper blade begins to fail, it invariably leaves that no-see spot smack-dab in the middle of the driver’s vision, no matter how tall or short that driver.

When weather turns bad, the chances of an auto accident increase substantially. Rain, Sleet, and Snow storms can make it difficult for drivers to see. Working wiper blades are a necessity.”

  • Mechanical issues (including wiper failure) and road conditions are in the top three reasons for auto accidents.
  • Proper wiper blades are one of the best defenses against bad weather driving.

The Wiper Store, the Number 1 windshield wiper seller on the internet, is today launching a new ecommerce website with expanded features and a more complete shopping experience in an effort to raise the visibility of the importance of wiper blades in safe driving and peace of mind in all weather conditions. The new store can be found on the internet at

“People don’t give their windshield wipers a second thought – until they don’t work in a driving rain or sleet or snow storm,” says Al Micallef, founder of The Wiper Store parent company Jamak Fabrication. “We offer the finest replacement wiper blades on the market today, better than the original manufacturers’ equipment blades that came with the car, and it is our goal to raise awareness of how critical the role of a wiper blade can be for safety when the weather turns nasty.”

Jamak Fabrication is a focused manufacturing company specializing in silicone component solutions and other elastomer-based products, with locations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Since 1971, this North Texas-based private company has developed a wide range of custom silicone-based products for a variety of industries, including automotive, healthcare, dairy, bakeware, appliance seals, and winemaking (

It is this long-standing expertise with silicone-based development and manufacturing that lead the company to launch its own proprietary line of automotive windshield wiper blades, Tripledge.

The Wiper Store’s Tripledge windshield wiper blade was the first wiper blade on the market to automatically apply a built-in hydrophobic windshield treatment with every wipe, eliminating the need and hassle of a separate windshield treatment. Tripledge uses silicone technology combined with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – most well-known by the DuPont brand name Teflon– they provide years of no-squeak, no-streak vision. Tripledge wiper blades come in two configurations: Tripledge and Tripledge Green.

In addition, the Wiper Store offers the exclusive Jamak-designed E-Blade, the first universal-fit emergency wiper blade with a snap-to-fit design capable of being quickly customized to fit any blade size from 18” to 24” in the event of a blade failure. Also, The Wiper Store features a value-priced wiper blade developed by Jamak called Classic Edge.

All windshield and rear window wiper blades available on The Wiper Store website are designed to meet the specifications of nearly every car, light truck and SUV sold in the American marketplace. The easy-to-use new website features a “Make, Model and Year” drop-down menu field for the customer to enter car information, which then produces the range of wiper blades available in all of the brands with comparisons for price and such attributes as life expectancy, frame style, water-beading effect and more.

The new website, developed using the leading ecommerce platform in world, Magento Commerce, by The Unleaded Group in Denver, smoothly handles all aspects of the secure sales transaction through check-out, payment method, shipping address and method, order review, and a handy email notification. The site will also feature helpful news, customer feedback, blogs and information concerning wiper blades, driving safety and automotive information.

“Our wiper blades are the most advanced on the market and will help drivers of any vehicle on the road, brand new or several years old, drive safely in any weather condition,” adds The Wiper Store founder Micallef. “And the new website will deliver our blades quickly and at a great price with a smooth transaction every time, 24/7.

“Replacing windshield wiper blades with the latest in wiper technology is a smart choice,” he adds. “We recommend having spare wiper blades or our emergency E Blades in the car at all times for when that pesky no-see spot inevitably occurs and creates visibility problems.”

For complete information on The Wiper Store and its full line of premium-technology windshield wiper blades, visit