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Triple Edge Technology is Unbeatable

To get the quality wiper blades you want for your vehicle, go to the Wiper Store. This is the number one source of wiper blades online and they have the best to choose from including the triple edge wiper blades with Tripledge technology. Made with a patented technology, the triple edge wiper blades give you a streak-free wipe no matter what the weather. The triple edges offer superior wipe quality while the special hydrophobic property allows water to bead up on your windshield so that there are no smears and you can see clearly.

The triple edge wiper blades with Tripledge technology last longer than any other windshield wiper blade. At, it's easy to choose the triple edge wiper blades you need to get a clear view through your windshield. Just go to the home page and choose from the make, model and year of your vehicle and it will give you the right size for your vehicle type. On average, silicone wipers last three times as long as rubber ones and the silicone even costs less!

The triple edge wiper blades maintain their clean edge for a long time. They apply a thin layer of silicone each time they wipe the windshield which continues to cause water beading. This beading makes it easy to remove rain, snow, and dirt without smearing. They are also resistant to heat, sun UV rays, and other potential damage from the climate. Your windshield wiper blades are an important part of your vehicle and the triple edge wiper blades will provide you with a clear view that will make your driving safer during any type of weather. There's not even an investment required since you can get the quality wipers for less than the rubber ones.

The triple edge wiper blades offer quality, effectiveness, and ease of installation that puts them ahead of the rest. The triple edge wiper blades also come with a universal adapter that fits 95% of the vehicles on the road today so that installation is fast and easy. It there are more than thirty million already sold, they must be doing something right!

Part of the reason for the durability of the triple edge wiper blades is their silicone construction. Not only does silicone last about three times as long as rubber, it is also friendlier to the environment. Silicone will naturally degrade into sand over time. Rubber, on the other hand, does not recycle easily. The annual amount of petroleum based wiper blade waste from organic rubber wipers is equivalent to six football fields covered by 1 foot of waste. Go to and you can do your part to reduce this amount of waste!