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Silicone Windshield Wipers

The science of wiper blades for the car has come quite a long way in recent years; you can choose from any number of varieties of materials and designs for your car or truck. A new option to consider are silicone windshield wipers which are usually designed to stay stronger and to last longer.Of course silicone windshield wipers are often more expensive than standard wipers made of thin rubber, but there are some good reasons for this. The thin rubber normally used for blades gets torn and shredded very easily, even under the best of circumstances. Keep in mind that blades do more than wipe away rain; they clean off dirt, mud, dead bugs, and anything else that may collect on the windshield. Using silicone windshield wipers means they won't shred as easily when they scrape across these elements.

When should you purchase silicone windshield wipers over blades? What makes them superior and a better choice? There are a few considerations you might keep in mind to answer this question; one is the environment in which you drive.

Recreational and Frequent Usage of Blades

If you take your vehicle off road for recreational purposes, those silicone windshield wipers will do a better job of cleaning the mud and dirt off your windows than regular blades. Anyone that has ever driven their vehicle through mud and dirt can attest to how important good blades are, and silicone windshield wipers are often preferred for these types of vehicles.

If you live in a very rainy or snowy environment, those silicone windshield wipers are typically also a better investment. They will get used more often and regular thin blades may start to shred earlier. This means they get replaced more often and don't do a good job keeping your windshield clean when this happens. The more you use your blades, the more beneficial it is to choose silicone windshield wipers.

Safety and Affordability

Your own safety is something to consider when buying blades of any sort. When visibility is compromised, you are less likely to be in an auto accident. When you have thin blades versus silicone windshield wipers, they can compromise that visibility even before they start to rip and tear. If the rubber begins to get soft, it can fold and buckle when there is dirt and debris on the windshield. When this happens, it doesn't clean as well as it should and may even smear. Using silicone windshield wipers can keep this from happening, which in turn protects your visibility when driving.

In truth, silicone windshield wipers are typically more affordable than regular blades. They may cost more at the onset, but they need to be replaced less often than thin rubber blades. This means you save money in the long run. With fewer replacements, you spend less. Since silicone windshield wipers are more effective and last longer, and they save you money in the long run as well, why not consider them for your vehicle?