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Silicone Wipers Out-Perform Rubber Wipers

The whole reason that we have windshield wipers on our vehicles is to clean the water off from rain, sleet, snow and any other harsh weather. It is only reasonable to want windshield wipers that will do the best job possible and improve visibility while driving in wet weather. That's why you should consider a silicone wiper blade for your wipers instead of the traditional rubber one. You will find the quality wipers you need and easy ordering at the Wiper Store online. They offer you the choice of a silicone wiper that will improve the safety of your vehicle and will prevent you from having to change your wipers ever again!

The Wiper Store is the number one place for online shopping of windshield wiper blades and accessories. Each silicone wiper is constructed to provide lasting protection for your windshield and maximize driving safety. To find the right silicone wiper blade to fit your vehicle, just use their wiper blade selector guide. Pick the make, model, and year of your vehicle and you will get the right size wiper blades for your vehicle. They also provide information about why you will want to choose a silicone wiper blade instead of the traditional rubber one.

You may choose a silicone wiper blade. This is a high quality windshield wiper that applies a silicone shield to your windshield with each wipe. Sun exposure, UV rays and changes in climate can cause ordinary rubber blades to become stiff, tear and crack. Rubber blades have to be changed frequently while the advanced silicone formulation silicone wiper blade is scientifically engineered to continually provide a clean and quiet wipe in extreme weather conditions while it repels rain, sleet, ice and snow.

The silicone wiper represents the look and design of wiper blades that are made for today and tomorrow, but they can be fitted to numerous car makes and models from years past.

The Tripledge silicone wiper revolutionized wiper blades almost thirty years ago with its silicone technology. There have been millions sold since then and this silicone wiper blade remains one of the highest quality silicone wiper blades on the market today. They are made with a premium silicone squeegee, which is superior to the ordinary rubber used in most wiper blades.

In addition to increasing the visibility of your driving, choosing a silicone wiper over a rubber one is also an environmentally friendly choice. Silicone is biodegradable, durable and fully recyclable. On average, a silicone wiper will last three times as long as a rubber one so there is less contribution to waste. Even those that do end up in the landfill do not leech but eventually break down into sand again. Find the wipers that fit your car from the best wiper place online,