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Silicone Wipers Repel Rain, Sleet, Ice and Snow

The Wiper Store is the ultimate place for shopping for windshield wiper blades and accessories online. They have silicone wipers are high quality and won't become stiff, tear and crack like other wipers do. The silicone wipers apply a silicone shield to your windshield with every wipe. Sun exposure, UV rays and changes in climate won't affect the wipers made with the advanced silicone formulation that the wiper blade provides. It is scientifically engineered to keep providing clean and quiet wiping in extreme weather conditions while they continue to repel rain, sleet, ice and snow.

Silicone wipers provide a number of benefits to you as a driver. They have an aerodynamic that provides maximum windshield contact. The built-in windshield treatment produces a water beading effect without the need for separate treatment with water repellants. Because of the unique technology, you always have a crystal clear, streak-free wipe so that you can drive safer in harsh weather. Also, silicone wipers are highly resistant to oils, chemicals, UV and Ozone.

Getting silicone wipers from The wiper Store is easy. Just go to and choose the make, model and year of your vehicle in their wiper blade selector guide. You will be given the right size wiper blades for your vehicle. Tripledgesilicone wipers revolutionized wiper blades with silicone technology nearly three decades ago. Since then, millions have been sold. It is one of the highest quality silicone wipers on the market today. They are made with premium silicone squeegee, which is superior to the ordinary rubber used in most wiper blades.

No matter which of the silicone wipers you choose to put on your vehicle, the quality will far surpass that of rubber blades. They are the obvious choice for any driver who wants a better choice than the traditional blades made of rubber. Due to the advanced technology that is used in making silicone wipers, they provide a blade that is better at performance and that lasts, on average, three times longer than ordinary rubber blades. Silicone wipers are also eco-friendly. They reduce the amount of garbage thrown away each year and conserve natural resources, save energy, and reduce the amount of landfill space used every year! To order your new blades, go to