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The Wiper Store is No. 1 Online Source For Windshield Wipers

The Wiper Store is the number one source for purchasing windshield wipers online. They have sold more than thirty million wiper blades and make ordering the right wipers for your vehicle simple. Their inventory includes the Tripledge Premium Silicone Blade tripe blade wipers with a new and improved design. This high- performance style has multiple wiping edges for superior wipe quality. The triple blade wipers have a special hydrophobic property that allows water to bead up on your windshield to prevent smears and improve vision clarity. This patented design allows the blades to last longer than any other.

The triple blade wipers maintain their clean edge for the vehicle, applying a thin layer of silicone with each wipe of the blade across the windshield. This coats your windshield and promotes continuous water beading that insures swift removal of rain water, snow, and grime without smearing. Because the triple blade wipers are made from silicone, they also resist heat, sun rays, and other climate damages. They are even less expensive than blades made of industry standard rubber!

Your windshield wiper blades are an important part of your vehicle. Not only can worn or broken windshield wipers be frustrating to use, but they can also inhibit your ability to drive safely during harsh weather. The triple blade wipers have been extensively tested and proven time and again by millions of consumers to be industry leading wipers in regards to safety and ease of installation and use. The triple blade wipers come with a universal adapter that fits 95% of the vehicles on the road today so that installation is simple.

The silicone construction of the triple blade wipers are an important aspect of their construction. Silicone is the obvious choice in wipers for anyone who is looking for a clear view. The advanced technology behind the silicone triple blade wipers will provide you with a longer lasting and better performing wiper blade. In fact, silicone blades last an average of three times longer than ordinary rubber blades. They have a built-in hydrophobic property that creates a water-beading effect directly on your windshield that prevents smearing and improves your vision for driving. Silicone is extremely durable and unaffected by extreme temperatures, UV light, or from other environmental factors.

Not only will you have better visibility for driving in the rain, you will also reduce the number of times you will have to change traditional rubber wipers and throw the old blades away. Silicone is an environmentally safe material that degrades over time so that you are also doing your part to help the planet while improving your driving safety. Go to to see the triple blade wipers and order yours today!