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Who knew that there were so many choices available to someone when it comes to something as simple wiper blades for your car? Today many prefer triple edge wipers in order to keep their windshields as clean as can be, and to reduce the wear and tear normally experienced with regular blades.Of course triple edge wipers are often more expensive since it's like getting three blades in one, so a person may wonder if they're worth that extra cost. Cars are expensive enough when it comes to their upkeep and maintenance, and this means just the necessary items to keep them running. Some may reason then that it's okay to skip the triple edge wipers and get regular blades just to save those few dollars.

Obviously as long as your blades work fine and keep your windows clean, you can choose any type you want. But there are many reasons to consider as to why triple edge wipers work best and why they're often a favorite choice. Keep in mind that your visibility is a key factor to your safe driving, and even a slight compromise when it comes to the cleanliness of your windows can detract and cause accidents. Choosing the best blades, including triple edge wipers, can keep you safe.

One thing to consider is the environment in which you drive. It doesn't need to be raining all the time for you to need the best blades possible, as triple edge wipers will also remove dust, dirt, dead bugs, and other things that collect on a windshield. Often in rural areas these become a problem and need to be addressed regularly on the windshield. If you notice that your windshield is often streaky or dirty, it's time to invest in triple edge wipers.

In other cases, triple edge wipers may be a necessity. If you take your vehicle off road and need to deal with mud and snow, you need the best blades to keep your visibility clear. Regular blades meant for city driving and commuting just won't do the job. Remember that single edge blades get torn up more quickly than triple edge wipers because they need to scratch and pull themselves along the edge of this dirt and other elements. If you use single edge blades you may find that you replace them often, whereas triple edge wipers may last for years and even a lifetime depending upon your driving environment.

Blades that are used often may also be better if they're triple edge wipers; even with just rain, those blades are scraping back and forth across the windshield consistently. This means more wear and tear on those blades so they tend to shred more easily. Those triple edge wipers may cost more initially but if you need to replace them less often, this can mean savings in the long run. And since they often work better and are more reliable, they're typically a preferred choice overall.