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How To Tell If Your Windshield Wipers Are New Or Not

Most manufacturers recommend that you check your windshield wipers at least every six months. However, most people tend to wait until their blades are completely worn out before they do anything about. One reason for this is that the average person simply does not think about his wiper blades until it is raining and they are not doing their job. At this point no one wants to stand out in the rain trying to put new blades in place as they do not want to get wet. By the time the weather has cleared up for a few days the idea of replacing the wiper blades anymore and the task goes back on the forgotten list again. In order to decide whether or not your wiper blades need replacing or just need cleaned, you should wipe them down with a soft cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Look carefully at the actual wiping edge, check for nicks and signs of wear and tear.

Often you will find weather checking and dull edges. New windshield wipers have a crisp clean edge and as they are used the edge wears and begin to flatten out. This renders the blades somewhat ineffective and can cause streaking. However, the most common cause of the streaks you keep seeing on your windshield are the little nicks and chips in the edge that let the water and muck pass on through. Once this happens, there is nothing you can do but replace the blades with new ones.

As your wiper blades get used, they will lose some of their spring tension. Most of the spring pressure comes from the arm itself, however the shape and design of the part that holds the rubber blade itself. The shape is designed to not only hold the blade in place but to make sure that the blade maintains full even contact with the curve of your windshield. When they lose their built-in tension they can no longer hold their shape and then you start to see streak and areas of your windshield that do not get cleared with each pass. Most windshield wipers are made from natural rubber which is only designed to last for a few months under optimum conditions. Thankfully there are new materials such as pure silicone that will last for many years. In many cases, blades that are made with silicone rubber while last for as long as you own your car if not longer. Some are designed to leave a hydrophobic layer on the surface of your windshield that will help to repel water, bug, and road grime. You will find that The Wiper Store has one of the largest selections of superior rubber and silicone blades on the market. With several different styles to choose from that cover 99% of all cars on the road so you should have no problem find a set to fit your car.