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When you bought your car it came with a set of brand new wiper blades; that is as long as you bought a new car. After a few months of driving it you may begin to notice that your wipers are starting to leave streaks on the windshield. This leaves you with little to no choice but to look for a set of replacement wipers before the streaking gets so bad that you can no longer see well enough to drive safely. The latest design wiper blades are the new Tripledge wipers and promise to be the most effective possible. For the vast majority of years that the automobile has had some form of windshield wiper, they have always been a single edge design. While they always been relatively effective, when the weather was really bad or there was a lot of grime coming up from the road, a single edge just does not quite do the job.

There have been many attempts to redesign the simple wiper blade and until the Tripledge wiper blade none of them have been very effective. The concept of a Tripledge blade is not particularly new, it has been around for quite some time. The first versions appeared in the later part of the last century as wiper blade manufacturers toyed with different designs. The concept was that the first edge removed the heaviest debris; the second blade would remove the bulk of the water and the last blade would bat clean up and provide the cleanest windshield possible under any conditions. Trying to drive with worn out blades can not only be challenging when the weather and road conditions are less than optimal. Not only this but, it can be dangerous for everyone in your vehicle and for anyone who happens to be anywhere near you, both on and off the road. In order to be able to see clearly you should replace your wiper blades with a set of Tripledge wipers.

Combining three individual squeegees into a single frame offers you the best possible option for being able to see where you are going at all times. In recent years the newest designs of Tripledge wipers are made with high performance silicone rubbers that are designed to last for many years. Some of them have special properties that place a layer of silicone on the surface of your windshield. This layer helps the water to bead up and run off of your windshield in a similar fashion to the way the chemical treatment Rain X works on better because it does not cause smears on the glass. For the very latest in Tripledge wipers you need to visit The Wiper Store, they offer their own line of Tripledge wipers that are made from ultra-high performance silicone rubber. These blades utilize special hydrophobic properties that cause water to bead up on your windshield and to help eliminate smears.