Find Your Wiper Blades:

Check Your Car Wiper Blades Every Time You Get An Oil Change

The importance of a car wiper blade cannot be overemphasized; those blades keep your windshield clean and streak free so that your visibility is not compromised in any way. Even a small streak, when in your line of sight, can cut down on your reaction time and increase your risk of accidents.

Some dismiss the idea of considering their car wiper blades because they live in moderate climates and don't drive off road or put other unnecessary wear and tear on their blades. However, even average drivers need to give this small piece of equipment some serious thought. Inexpensive car wiper blades usually mean thin rubber that bends, rips, tears, and shreds more easily. When this happens, not only can they fail to keep the windshield clean but they can also streak and smear, making the situation even worse.

Another consideration to think about is that these inexpensive car wiper blades usually give out at the worst time. You may not even notice that there's a problem until one rainy day when you cannot get your windshield clear, or when it's particularly muddy out and your windshield is streaked and smeared. How much better it would be to think about your car wiper blades before this happens and to replace them before there is an issue, rather than after!

A good rule of thumb is that it's good to check your car wiper blades every time you get your oil changed. Obviously you won't need to replace them every time, but this means you'll probably inspect them a few times throughout the year. This gives you a chance to get a new pair of car wiper blades the minute you notice rips, tears, shredding, and softness of the rubber material.

It's also good to think about the new car wiper blades you choose for replacements. You can obviously buy the cheapest models available but this means you'll continue to replace them regularly as they get worn. When you do need new car wiper blades you may want to take this opportunity to find something more suitable, such as silicone blades or triple edged models. These last longer and usually do a much better job as well.

You can also keep your car wiper blades in good repair if you care for them regularly. When you wash your car, take a quick minute to clean the inside edge of the blades with a soft cloth. This will help to keep mud and dirt from building up and causing extra wear and tear. If you don't wash your car regularly, take a moment to do this every time you get your oil changed. Again, this will give you a chance to visually inspect your car wiper blades and decide if it's time for a change.

The importance of car wiper blade cannot be underemphasized. They keep your visibility clear and increase safety, so it's always recommended that you use the best model possible and replace them when necessary.