Find Your Wiper Blades:

A Tripledge Blade is a Better Wiper Blades

How often do you think about your car wiper blades? If you're like most, you never give them a second thought until your windshield won't come clean or one snaps off. In truth, your wiper blades are more important than you may realize. Your visibility when driving is obviously an important part of your safety, and even a slight compromise can mean delayed reaction time and an increased chance of accidents. Those wiper blades do more than clean rain and snow off your windshield; they also clean dirt, dust, mud, dead bugs, bird droppings, and anything else that may accumulate. This means they go through more wear and tear than you may realize!

Cheaply made and inferior wiper blades can tear and shred more often than you imagine, and when this happens they need replacing immediately. However, even before this happens they can become substandard and can fail to work properly. This is because the thin rubber used to make those wiper blades can fold and get small runs along the surface, which means your windshield is not being cleaned properly. It can also mean just smearing what's on your windshield rather than cleaning it. This too can make your visibility worse, not better.

Unfortunately many wait until their wiper blades are in very bad shape before they replace them, and then don't give any thought as to their choice for a replacement. But with so many options available, why not consider how important they are and the benefit of getting the best? For example, silicone wiper blades are typically stronger and don't shred and tear when dragged across all that dirt and mud. Many are meant to last a lifetime, and they're often a first choice for those that take their vehicle off road on a regular basis.

Triple edge wiper blades are also a first preference for many. They make the windshields much cleaner and get all the snow and rain off in the first pass, making visibility as clear as possible. This is something to think about if you live in a climate that means constant inclement weather and wear and tear on your wiper blades. Because there are three that work at once, they're also bound to last longer before wearing out and needing replacement. This means saving more money in the long run.
It's good to check your wiper blades every time you get your oil changed; this way you can ensure that the ones you have on the car or truck are in good shape and are not showing signs of wear. It's never a good idea to wait until you notice a problem, because you may not do this until you're in traffic in a downpour and can barely see out your window! Keep your wiper blades in mind as you do all the other important parts of your car. Check them regularly and you'll see how beneficial it is to have ones in good repair.