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Tripledge Blades Act Like 3 Individual Blades On Your Window

Can you remember the last time you checked your windshield wiper blades? Most people cannot as this is one of the last thing they worry about until the windshield streaks badly enough that they can no longer clearly enough to drive safely. The average set of wiper blades is only designed to last for approximately 6 months to a year at the most depending on the weather conditions. If you need to replace your blades, you should consider a set of Tripledge wiper blades instead of the stock ones that keep wearing out. When it comes to wiper blades, the average driver simply goes to the local department store and picks up the cheapest set of blades they can find the fits their car. This becomes a rinse and repeat operation that you are going to be doing for as long you own your car. The blades you buy should be designed to last far longer than six months.

If you could find a set of wiper blades that lasted far longer and did a much better job like the Tripledge blades available at The Wiper Store, would they be worth paying a little more for? A single edge blade will only clean once with each pass, while effective this is not the most effective method of keeping water and road muck off of your windshield. On the other hand the design of Tripledge wiper blades will act like three individual wiper blades passing across your windshield with every swipe. There is no better design on the market currently including the multiple wiper blade designs that were popular in the 80s and 90s.

Tripledge wiper blades may sound like there are three separate blades at end of each wiper arm. This is not the way they are designed. Instead there are three separate wiping edges designed into a single blade. This simple design works far more efficiently than a single blade and is just like having three separate blades installed. The biggest difference is that three individual blades would place far too much strain on the windshield wiper motor, especially when you realize that you have two windshield wipers on your car. The Tripledge wiper blades are designed in such a way as to act like a complete set of three squeegees, the first edge is designated for grime, grit and bug removal, while the second and third blades are there to remove all of the water from your windshield far more efficiently than any other design that has ever been manufactured. Consider a set of Tripledge wiper blades from The Wiper Store. Here you will find a wide array of superior quality wiper blades to fit 99% of all cars on the road today.